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About The Creative College Journey Podcast

The Creative College Journey Podcast with Scott Barnhardt is a the perfect companion podcast for creatives, families and student artists who are seeking advice and inspiration on how to navigate life after high school (be that through trade school, community college, 4-year universities, private training or direct to industry pathways) in today's uncertain economy and world. Sit with Scott Barnhardt, (Independent Educational Consultant, professional actor from Broadway original casts of The Book of Mormon and Deaf West's Big River, writer and educator) as he offers real-world advice based on real-life experiences he and his clients have encountered on the path towards college, and has in-depth chats with some of the brightest young creative talents who have fostered their creativity in their post-high school years in unique ways, a diverse selection of degree programs and artistic interests and at institutions all over the United States. All this for the goal to get vital boots-on-the-ground points of view from recent or soon-to-be graduates about their decision making processes, areas of growth, hopes for the future and collecting their insight in what took them on their Creative College Journey… that you might better understand your own Creative College Journey.

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